Aspeth Necklace

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Our Aspeth necklace is raw and beautiful.

The pendants are earnestly and proudly just as they are, without second-guessing and without apologies. The combined effect of the rough and natural cuts of the pendants, juxtaposed with the chic ball chain necklace, is a very gracefully untamed feeling. This necklace is also perfect for layering with refined pieces (maybe your grandmother's gold-toned pearls?) for a very interesting contrast.

We hope Aspeth inspires you to encounter the wild and knowing woman within.

Necklace Details:

    • Pendants
      • Angel aura quartz pendant, 18k gold electroplated setting
      • Aragonite pendant, 18k gold electroplated setting
    • Necklace
      • 30 inches + extendable chain of up to 2 inches. 
      • 18k Gold electroplated

Crystal beliefs:

  • Angel aura quartz is known to be a very high vibration stone. The energy of this crystal is believed to be so pure and so strong that it is said to be easily felt from touch alone. Reputed to uplift the vibration of the wearer, angel aura quartz is regarded to bring with it feelings of joy, happiness, and serenity.
  • Aragonite was very favored by Spanish monks, who carved this crystal into rosary beads. It is believed to bring about calmness and patience in the wearer. Aragonite is also reputed to help one channel one's energy better: staving off procrastination, encouraging responsibility, and inspiring punctuality.

Please note that pieces from the Earthsea collection are crafted from natural materials. Hence, no two pieces will be exactly the same (and we think this is beautiful!)