Ouisa Charm Necklace

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Our Ouisa charm necklace is the persevering aid of the strong, warrior woman (who also happens to be absolutely chic).

Wear it with your striped bateau shirts, denim cutoffs and espadrilles on the weekends; pair it with your jersey wrap dresses on the weekdays. It also looks great layered with our other pieces.

We put together the most beguiling and meaningful charms to create this piece, in the hopes that it strengthens and emboldens the feminine soul.

May we recognize and truly understand that we are all enough as we are right now.
May we embrace and cherish ourselves just as we are...
May we speak our hearts' truths with boldness and courage...
May we all connect with our inner knowing and step into our highest selves.
Necklace details:
28 inches in length, 18k gold-gilded chain.

Charm details:

  • Evil eye talisman
    • Natural shell, 18k gold-gilded setting
    • A sacred symbol dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, the concept of the evil eye recurs across cultures (to name just a few-- Arabic: ayin harsha; French: mauvais oeil; Spanish: mal ojo). The evil eye talisman has long been believed to offer spiritual protection. In the Jewish tradition, it is often featured in the "Hand of Miriam" amulet. 
  • Kyanite charm
    • Natural chalcedony, 18k gold-gilded setting
    • Kyanite is a wonderful stone for meditation and attunement, as it is renowned to amplify high-vibration energy. Believed to dispel blockages and align the chakras, kyanite is also known to bring about clarity & serenity, and to empower the aura of the wearer.
  • Labradorite charm
    • Natural chalcedony, 18k gold-gilded setting
    • It was believed by the ancients that labradorite is born out frozen fire, kin to the northern lights. This stone is reputed to be excellent for intention-setting, spiritual awakening, and elevating consciousness.
  • Supernova carnelian charm
    • Natural carnelian, 18k gold-gilded setting
    • We had to include this beautiful star charm in this necklace. Aside from the star serving as a reminder to keep one's vibrations celestial, the carnelian stone is historically believed to bring boldness, courage, and self-confidence to the wearer. It is reputed to help the timid step into their own bravery as they learn to trust their inner knowing and are renewed with vitality.
  • Chrysoprase charms
    • Natural chrysoprase, 18k gold-gilded setting
    • Chrysoprase is a protective stone. It is also believed to inspire courage in, and to sharpen the intuition of the wearer. It is also said to vibrate in alignment with Divine Truth, attracting new abundance and love.
    • We loved the meaning of the stone so much, we couldn't help but feature it twice -- once in front, and second as the cutest end charm of the necklace! :)
Please note that pieces from the Earthsea collection are crafted from natural materials. Hence, no two pieces will be exactly the same (and we think this is beautiful, making them more unique!)