Valence Necklace

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Valence evokes freshness and youthful candor. It is an ode to the ease a pure soul enjoys: a light, unburdened and joy-filled tread through life.

This piece was designed to be worn as shown on the model, with the pearl charm set asymmetrically to the side. Of course, it will be just as chic worn with all the charms together in the center!

Valence Necklace details:

  • Necklace
    • 18 inches + extendable chain of up to 2 inches. 
    • 18k gold gilded chain
  • Charms
    • Freshwater pearl in a darling irregular shape gilded in 18k gold
    • Rose quartz pendant gilded in 18k gold
    • Labradorite pendant gilded in 18k gold

Crystal beliefs:

  • Rose quartz: Most well know as the "love crystal," rose quartz has also been noted to bring about serenity, deep inner healing, self-awareness, and self-acceptance.
  • Labradorite: It was believed by the ancients that labradorite is born out frozen fire, kin to the northern lights. This stone is reputed to be excellent for intention-setting, spiritual awakening, and elevating consciousness.

Please note that pieces from the Earthsea collection are crafted from natural materials. Hence, no two pieces will be exactly the same (and we think this is beautiful, making them more unique!)